I'm Taylor.

I am a 21-year-old, self-made photographer.

I was born in central Ohio, and now happily live in Eastern Tennessee. I found myself completely entangled in the world of photography when I first joined my high school's yearbook class. There, I picked up my first professional camera and found myself constantly distracted by a camera. Ever since I have continued to pursue this hobby which has now become one of my passions. Photography for me isn't about financial gain, (while of course, everyone needs it to survive). It is about the story you can tell and the gift you can give through it. Pictures.

I really base my style photo to photo, there are so many aspects from lightning to actual subjects that photos can take a different tone every time. I take my role to heart, but I also want it to be an all-around fun experience to laugh at and enjoy the process.

Outside of photography, I love aviation, music, and finding an old trail to follow.

Quick Professional Highlights About Me:

  • I have taken part in a National Geographic journalism and photography study in 2022.
  • 3 films of mine have been recognized by Men's Warehouse (Erik + Madison, Abigail + Avery Wedding Film, Alesha + Joseph)
  • 1 Film has been recognized by the LSTV Wedding Film Awards global competition (Abigial + Avery's Wedding Film)
  • I have had the honor to take photographs and report at a Make-A-Wish event in Elizabethton, TN

Venues I have had the pleasure to shoot at:

  • The Rutherford, SC.
  • The Sayrah Barn, TN.
  • Belle Tesoro, SC.
  • The Barn at Bee Cliff, TN.
  • The Waterstone Venue, TN.
  • Colley Hill Farm, TN.
  • Meyers Farm, OH.
  • The Inn on Square, SC.
  • Sessions Hotel, TN.
  • Barn at Beck Mountain, TN.
  • 434 Fannin, TX.
  • The Magnolia, TN.
  • The Barn at Blue Sky, NC.
  • The Sky Retreat, NC.

Photography is an Art.

Many take photography as something you can automatically just do. It is in some aspects, however, it is something that becomes better and better over time. It is storytelling and defining a moment to its core. This passion is a never-ending pursuit of improvement. This is my goal, to improve and learn to better myself in this field consistently for myself and you, the subject. The best photographers aren't driven by money, but by the love of what they do.

I want to give you beautiful images that will last a lifetime.

The greatest joy about photography is the ability to give a gift that will last a lifetime. Photos can easily become heirlooms of a family and can carry on for generations. That is what makes me so happy with photography, the fact that I am able to create something beautiful and give it to someone else to carry for them for life. Photos mean more than words can express sometimes, so let the photos do the talking.